Arioch’s Adventures

My publishing attempts of Adventures, Supplements, etc.

Rewriting has begun

Rewriting has begun. Now to contact my potential artist to see if he wants to  create some new caverns for the mine. this product will surface before January 2015 Woot

Ask the Wizard

Ask the Wizard

Well the web site still requires some polishing,but it works and has a ton of information. The request pages works and the Wizard, as I understand, has received several request all ready. So if you want, check it out and let me know what you think.

Arioch’s Adventures update

Dungeon casting.

Well it seems I have to do a bit more spring cleaning before I start working on my casting of dungeon tiles etc. I have been doing some test castings, and such, and have discovered I dont’ really have enough room at my work space at the moment due to the back log of stuff I need to sell on eBay. I will still be working on design and also work out the best material to cast the stuff from,but untill I get a few box of stuff gone though eBay, it will be a while before I can begin full production.

Beggars tomb

Well after having been stuck in edit mode with only about 1/3 of the module written. I am finally ready to bust free and just type the darn thing and worry about editing it all after it is down on the key board. The I just have to check with my cartographer to see how he is coming with my maps and to scour the Public domain for some cover art and maybe some interior art.

new idea.

while I was doing my casting and working with one of the molds I new idea hit me, for an item I can produce, so keep your eyes peeled.

Triumvirate complete

Well my two other sites are going live on face book. I should have website for them by the end of the week. I am very excited to have my main idea I have been working on since June of last year finally going live.

Arioch Enterprises My consulting business for helping others get their dream product from their head into the hands of the world. I am taking my experience in helping clients get noticed and bring it to the niche of RPG’s. Help you plan you action, get a web site and or bulletin board if you need. along with social media, and help with crowd sourcing or contacts to get electronic or physical products created. You have a dream and I can help you bring it to life for the world

500px-Symbol_of_Chaos_svgArioch’s Attic My new and used book store and  RPG’s store. where I will list stuff for sell both direct and also via eBay

Busy Week

Well it has been a busy Week. have been slowly working away on the three things I am developing for Arioch’s Adventures. I also started a fan page on Face book for Arioch’s Adventures, and after deciding perhaps the learning curve on Gimp 2 is a bit steep for me at this time and using the graphic program in Libreoffice to make my logo for Arioch’s adventures. Slow but sure things are coming together even decided upon a name for my Starter City supplement Bervosh. Hope fully I should have the logo completed this week and maybe get my fan page for Arioch Enterprises started and get it’s logo done as well.


Arioch’s Adventures


Arioch’s adventures is the name I have decided to publish any and all gaming supplement, adventures, and other such game related material I may write up. I have the idea for a generic supplement for starting a campaign and also a low level adventure I am attempting to work on. I am hoping as I awaken the dreamer, and I spend more time practising the craft of writing I might actually get better at it, or at least become comprehend able. I used to have such drive and dreams when it came to game but some where along the way I slowly let the light dim, and now it is time to fill the lantern with oil and lit my light burn bright.